Dawn Marshall

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Cayla is the perfect pal

to help you fall asleep. Give her a squeeze

and she'll give off a soft glow until you're sound asleep.

Brave Buddies are the friendliest bedtime toy for kids ages 2-6 that help them conquer their fear of the dark!

Bailey records mom or dads voice so the child can play it back and be comforted by the parents voice while they are away.

I not only crocheted a headband for my bear, but for real people too! I've made headbands, bow ties, and bags.

Valentine's Day Bee, the greatest way to tell someone "Bee mine" 

Just pull the arm down, the wheels will spin and when a match of a color, shape, or animal comes up, it shines!

The Valentine's Day bear. What a perfect way to tell your loved one how you love them "beary" much!

Funky Fros is the most stylish fashion doll for

girls ages 4 and up that embraces black beauty and allows them to

explore magnetic



Coily Chloe is all about being driven, confident, and clever. Check out

her cute hair accessories and her hot pink clip-ins!

Shadow Shine is the perfect learning toy for preschoolers that allows them to explore colors, shapes, and animals in

a bright new way!

This Giraffe is a Safari Sidekick that is a herd of fun! This giraffe went from a design in a 3D program to 3D printed in just a few weeks!

Twisty Tammy is stylish, imaginative, and determined. Fill her dropper with cold water and watch her hair turn from purple to red.

My Beary Cute Bear sewn by me. Headband also designed and sewn by me.

The Valentine's Day Pears, the cutest pair

of pears to give during Valentine's Day

Kinky Kim exudes creativity, confidence, and independence. Her cool psychedelic hair dryer changes her hair from blue to pink!

Aquata can be placed under a bed, in a closet,

or where ever a dark

place is. Aquata shines and scares away all the scary monsters