Dawn Marshall

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My name is Dawn Marshall and I received my BFA in Toy Design from Otis College of Art and Design in 2016. My time at Otis I had the opportunity to join clubs and organizations, my biggest roles being a Peer Mentor and a Staff Leader. While being on the Peer Mentor team as a Staff Leader it taught me great leadership skills and also how to cultivate a strong and trusting team. Being equipped with leadership skills, presentation skills and my ability to adapt and catch on to new things quickly I was offered a summer internship in 2015 at MGA Entertainment to work on a Blue Sky project with the CEO. My time at MGA I also worked with the brands Project Mc2 and Bratz. After graduation I entered in the JazWings' Otis Student contest, in which I won first place with my toy design Funky Fros. This year I finished an internship at Aurora World where I was a product designer brainstorming and doing concept development with plush toys/ soft goods. I also contributed in creating the 2017 showroom.

My focus is girls toys, plush, and infant/preschool toys although I'm open to trying new things and I adapt quickly! Available to start working now.